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(*indicates student author; §indicates senior author)


*Hébert, E. T., Suchting, R., *Ra, C. K., *Alexander, A. C., Kendzor, D. E., Vidrine, D. J., & §Businelle, M.S. (in press). Predicting the first smoking lapse during a quit attempt: A machine learning approach. Drug and Alcohol Dependence.

Koslovsky, M. D., *Hbert, E. T., Businelle, M. S., & Vannucci, M. A. (in press). Bayesian time-varying effect model for behavioral mHealth data. The Annals of Applied Statistics.

Suchting, R., Businelle, M. S., Hwang, S. W., Padhye, N. S., Yang, Y., Santa-Maria, D. M. (In Press). Predicting daily sheltering arrangements among youth experiencing homelessness using diary measurements collected by ecological momentary assessment. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 

*Reuven, S. M., Chen, T-A., Zvolensky, M. J., Businelle, M. S., Kendzor, D. E., & Reitzel, L. R. (in press). Examining the moderating effect of anxiety sensitivity on past-month pain severity and heaviness of smoking among adult smokers experiencing homelessness. Addictive Behaviors.

*Alexander, A.C., *Warring, J.C. (co-first author), *Hébert, E.T., *Ra, C.K., *Rangu, N., Kendzor, D.E., & §Businelle, M. S. (in press). Identifying mechanisms that link pain to smoking after a quit attempt. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors.

Hernandez, D. C., Daundasekara, S. S., Zvolensky, M. J., Reitzel, L. R., Santa Maria, D., *Alexander, A., Kendzor, D. E., & §Businelle, M. S. (2020). Urban stress indirectly influences psychological symptoms through its association with distress tolerance and perceived social support among adults experiencing homelessness. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,17, 5301. DOI: 10.3390/ijerph17155301

*Cole, A. B., *Hébert, E. T., Reitzel, L. R., Carroll, D. M., & §Businelle, M. S. (in press). Health risk factors in American Indian and non-Hispanic White homeless adults. American Journal of Health Behavior, 44, 631-641.

Bui, T. C., Xangsayarath, P., Douangvichith, D., Siengsounthone, L., Phandouangsy, K., Tran, L. T., & Businelle, M. S. (2020). Factors associated with cigarette smoking cessation in Lao People's Democratic Republic: Results from the 2015 National Adult Tobacco Survey. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, 4953.

Zvolensky, M. J., Rogers, A. H., Garey, L., Ditre, J. W., Shepherd, J. M., Viana, A. G., Kauffman, B. Y., & Businelle, M. S. (in press). The role of anxiety sensitivity in the relation between pain intensity and substance use and anxiety and depressive symptoms among smokers with chronic pain. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.  PMID: 32588345

Iwundu, C. N. Agrawal, P., Businelle, M. S., Kendzor, D. E., & Reitzel, L. R. (2020). Predictors of Overnight and Emergency Treatment among Homeless Adults. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, 4271.

Reitzel, L. R., *Chinamuthevi, S., Daundasekara, S. S., Hernandez, D. C., Chen, T., Harkara, Y., Obasi, E. M., Kendzor, D. E., §Businelle, M. S. (2020). Association of problematic alcohol use and food insecurity among homeless men and women. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17, 3631; doi:10.3390/ijerph17103631

Kendzor, D. E., Businelle, M. S., Waring, J. J. C., Mathews, A., Geller, D. W., Barton, J. M., Alexander, A. C., Hébert, E. T., Ra, C. K., Vidrine, D. J. (2020). Automated Mobile Delivery of Financial Incentives for Smoking Cessation among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Adults: A Feasibility Study. JMIR mHealth and uHealth,8(4). DOI:

Businelle, M. S. (co-first author), Walters, S. (co-first author), Mun, E-Y, Kirchner, T. R., *Hébert, E. T., & Li, X. (2020). Development and testing of a just-in-time adaptive intervention to reduce drinking among people experiencing homelessness: The Smart-T Alcohol Protocol. JMIR Research Protocols, 9, e15610.

*Alexander, A. C., Olurotimi, O., *Hébert, E. T., *Ra, C. K., Businelle, M.S., & Kendzor, D. E. (2020) Subjective social status indirectly influences short-term smoking cessation through nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Journal of Health Psychology.

*Hébert, E. T., *Ra, C. K., *Alexander, A. C., Helt, A., Moisiuc, R., Kendzor, D. E., Vidrine, D. J., Funk-Lawler, R. K., §Businelle, M. S. (2020). A mobile just-in-time adaptive intervention for smoking cessation: pilot randomized controlled trial. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(3), e16907.

Funk-Lawler, R., Hamann, H. A., Howe-Martin, L., Balasubramanian, B., Businelle, M. S., Kendall, J., Sanders, J. M., Price, S. N., Argenbright, K. (in press). Outcomes from a community-based cancer survivorship program: Longitudinal changes in psychosocial functioning. Oncology Issues.

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