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A research lab using mobile health technologies. 


Our lab uses ecological momentary assessments (EMAs), passive sensor data, and just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI) to improve understanding of relationships between environment, thoughts, feelings, and health behaviors.

November 2022


A scoping review and meta-analysis of the use of remote biochemical verification methods of smoking status in tobacco research

Johannes Thrul, Carol L Howe, Janardan Devkota, Adam Alexander, Alicia M Allen, Michael S Businelle, Emily T Hébert, Jaimee L Heffner, Darla E Kendzor, Chaelin K Ra, Judith S Gordon


Review reveals challenges in remote biochemical verification of smoking abstinence, with discrepancies in self-reported and confirmed abstinence rates, suggesting need for improved reporting standards and sample returns.

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