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A research lab using mobile health technologies. 


Our lab uses ecological momentary assessments (EMAs), passive sensor data, and just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI) to improve understanding of relationships between environment, thoughts, feelings, and health behaviors.

Oklahoma researchers develop smartphone app to help people quit smoking

A view of the mHealth app for smoking cessation.

Meet our team
We are a multidisciplinary team leveraging mobile technology.

Led by Dr. Michael Businelle, our team combines expertise in psychology, communication, and technology to develop and implement effective, real-time, mobile health interventions.

View our work
Explore Active and Completed Projects at Businelle Research Lab.

Dive into our diverse research initiatives focused on mobile health technology, smoking cessation, mental health, and health disparities in various populations.

See our platform
mHealth Shared Resource: Advancing Cancer-Related Research

Explore our comprehensive services supporting researchers in utilizing technology for studying and intervening upon cancer-related health risk factors and behaviors.

Recent Publications

Poster Gallery:
Explore Our Lab's Research

Explore the latest research presentations from the Businelle Research Lab at various conferences, including SRNT, SBM, ACRS, and CQHSR, covering diverse topics in health behavior and intervention studies.

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